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External Cylindrical Grinding Wheels / Diamond Cylindrical Wheel


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What is Cylindrical Grinding

Cylindrical grinding (also called center -type grinding) is used to grind the cylindrical surface and shoulders of the workpiece. There are five different types of cylindrical grinding ( various grinding methods include straight cylindrical, taper, end face, and total shape grinding) :

* Outside diameter (OD) grinding

* Inside diameter (ID) grinding

* Plunge grinding

* Creep feed grinding

* Centerless grinding


Diamond & cbn cylindrical grinding wheels

resin diamond cylindrical wheel

Resin Diamond Cylindrical Wheel for Thermal Spray Coating


centerless diamond grinding wheel

Centerless Diamond Grinding Wheel


Cylindrical diamond wheel for pdc cutter

Diamond Cylindrical Wheel for PDC Cutter


Abrasive Cylindrical Grinding Wheels

Most applications, predominantly use aluminium oxide grinding wheels in a vitrified bond with particle sizes ranging between 54 and 180, and hardness grades between H and L (depending on requirements). This enables an optimum balance between abrasion and surface finish. However, if extremely fine surface finish levels are required (e.g. Rz < 3 µm), we recommend the use of resin-bonded grinding wheels with grit sizes finer than 150.

abrasive grinding wheels

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