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Diamond Dressing Tools, Diamond Stationary Dressers


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Diamond Dressers are made with natural diamond and synthetic materials. For truing and dressing of conventional abrasive grinding wheels.

Mainly Four Types Of Diamond Dressing Tools

Single point diamond dressers ; Multi point diamond dressers; Forming diamond dressers ; Impregnated diamond dressers.

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Single point diamond dressers

single point diamond dresser

diamond dresser

Application:dressing straight type conventional abrasive wheels. Dressing ceramic abrasive SG grinding wheels ,simple profiles, thread and gear grinding

Multi point diamond dressers

muiti point diamond dresser

Multi point diamond dressers Multi point diamond dressers

3 point diamond dresser

Application: large OD wheels, surface and centerless grinding wheels.It is used for auto parts, mould

industry,and other precision machinery parts industry

Forming diamond dressers

forming diamond dresser

forming diamond dresser

Application: dressing specific forms into conventional abrasive wheels(formingarc, angle, groove radius and other complex profiles) .

Two types of forming diamond dressers: chisel type and cone type.

Impregnated diamond dressers

impregnated diamond dresser

impregnated diamond dresser

Application: centerless, cylindrical surface grinding. Diamond impregnated tool consists of a diamond powder bound in a sintered metal.

Other specifications diamond dressing tools can be produced according to customers requirement

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