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High Precision Ceramic Grinding Lapping


Product Details

MoreSuperhard offers custom precision ceramic grinding, lapping and polishing service and solution, include

- Surface grinding, OD grinding, ID grinding, Centerless grinding. (Tolerance ranges up to +/-0.0001 inch)

- Jig grinding, Honing

- Lapping, polishing (surface grinding with a precision of ± 0.005 mm)


Vitrified diamond wheel for cylindrical grinding ceramic

Cylindrical diamond wheels are widely used in grinding various ceramics such as aluminum oxide ceramics, zerconia ceramics, silicon carbide ceramics in engineering applications.

Available in resin bond and vitrified bond


Diamond double sided wheels for surface grinding ceramic 

Grinding the surface, suitable for steel, cast iron, copper, carbide,PCD/PCBN inserts, hard alloy, ceramics, monocrystalline silicon and other processing


Ceramic Materials
Aluminium oxide, Zirconium oxide, Steatite and cordierite, Ceramic Insulator Bodies, Electrical Insulator, Fine Advanced Ceramics, Glass Ceramic, Aluminium Nitride, Advanced Ceramic Tubes & Insulators, Silicon nitride, Aluminum nitride, Zirconia, Ceram alloy ultra hard, Alumina Composites,Silicon Nitride.


Applications of high precision ceramic
- Mechanical. Stainless, red metals and aluminum, bushings, fasteners, seals, valve components, pump parts, battery tooling, wire rollers and more.)
- Electronic and Data Storage. toleranced, ultra-thin and ultra-flat ceramic plates for disc drives, glide heads, burnishing heads and substrates for the data storage industry.
- Medical. medical,pharmaceutical and food service applications
- Semiconductor. Cover Plates, Wafer Carriers, Lift Pins, Edge Rings and Gas Diffusion Plates (GDPs)
- LED Cover Plates, Wafer Carriers, Susceptors and Support Rings 
- Optics. Mirrors & Telescopes,Optical Mirrors 
- Medical Devices. Ceramic Implants, Complex Ceramic Assemblies for Surgical Tools, Medical Instrumentation

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