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1A1R Diamond Cutting Wheel


High precision diamond cutting wheel (also called Ultra thin diamond cutting wheel) used widely in Ceramics, Optical Glass, semi-conductor,Quartz Tubing Rods, Splitter, IR Filter, QFN, Carbide,Ultra Hard Steels And Metals, etc.

High precision diamond and CBN cutting wheels take use of synthetic diamond and CBN superabrasives and high grade metal material, top quality resin bond and metal bond to make wheel high cutting efficiency ,much more long life.

1A1R Diamond Cutting Wheel

We supply the following high precision diamond cutting wheels

Diameter : 5 inch (125mm), 6 inch (150mm), 7inch (180mm), 8 inch (200mm) , 10 inch (250mm), 12inch (300mm), 14inch (350mm), 16inch (400mm)

Thickness available from 0.3mm to 2.0mm

Tolerance: +-0.005mm.

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