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Diamond Grinding Wheel for Chainsaw Sharpening


Product Details

Description of diamond & cbn chainsaw sharpener wheel
Moresuperhard diamond and CBN chainsaw sharpening wheels have good surface finish, long life. The superabrasive grinding wheels are suitable for chain saw sharpening in woodworking industry.
Now Why use diamond & CBN chainsaw grinding wheel to replace pink chainsaw grinding wheel
diamond chainsaw grinding wheel
* Long service life compared with the pink aluminum oxide grinding wheel

* Great rough roughness

* Not burn and scratch the profile of the chain saw teeth

* Environmentally friendly and no too much dust


Applications of chainsaw grinding wheel:
* Diamond wheels for carbide tipped chain sharpening 
* CBN wheels for steel chain sharpening 
chainsaw grinding wheel chainsaw sharpening wheels
Specifications of chainsaw grinding wheel
Diameter: 4" (104 mm), 5 3/4" (146 mm) and 8" (203 mm)
Inner Hole: 7/8" (22,23 mm), but every wheel comes with the reducing spacer which reduces bore size to 12 mm; For 8" (203 mm) wheels bore diameter is 1" (25,4 mm).
Pitches used for chainsaw: 
1/4, .325, 3/8 Picco
3/8, .404
Suitable machines:
Oregon, Stihl, Tecomec, Timbertuff, Jolly, Maxx, Franzen, Foley, Northern, Maxx, SIlvey, Franzen and others.

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