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Diamond Dicing Blades For Semiconductor Industry


Product Details

diamond dicing blade

1A8 Ultra-thin diamond dicing blade( hub type and hubless type)

Blade thickness: 0.015 mm to 0.3 mm

Binder includes: resin bond diamond dicing blade (soft bond), metal bond diamond dicing blade (medium bond) and electroformed nickel dicing blade (hard bond)

Applications of diamond dicing blade

Scribing / cutting Silicon wafers, compound semiconductor wafers (GaAs, Gap),oxide wafers (LiTaO3), glass, crystal, quart, LiTaO3, ceramics, optical, QFN, splitter, electronic parts, optical devices, semiconductor packages, BGA, CSP, various types of semiconductor packages, ceramics, magnetic materials, PCB, silicon

diamond dicing blade diamond dicing blade wafer diamond dicing blade

silicon wafer dicing

Specifications of diamond dicing blade

electroformed diamond dicing blade

Electroformed dicing blade

Easy to handle

Variety of different grit concentrations

Stable processing performance

Hub dicing blade

Application: Silicon wafers, compound semiconductor wafers (GaAs, Gap),oxide wafers (LiTaO3)

resin diamond dicing blade

Resin bond dicing blade

High processing quality for cutting of hard, brittle materials

Improved cut quality on hard materials 

Hubless dicing 


Application: Glass, Crystal, Quart, LiTaO3, Ceramics, Optical, QFN, splitter 

dicing blade for silicon wafer

Metal bond dicing balde

High rigidity minimized wavy&slant cutting

Excellent rigidity and cut quality 

Application: Electronic parts, Optical devices, semiconductor packages, BGA, CSP, 

wafer diamond dicing blade

Electroformed dicing balde

Wide selection of blade options

Proprietary thin-blade technology

Blade thickness - 0.015 mm to 0.3 mm

Available for both dicing saws and slicers

Application: Various types of semiconductor packages, ceramics, magnetic materials, PCB, silicon

Other specification can be produced according to customer’s requirements


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