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Edge Grinding Wheel, Silicon Wafer Chamfering


Product Details

* Metal diamond edge wheel for rough grinding to get accurate edge profile

* Resin diamond edge wheel for finish grinding to get good surface roughness

TAG:   Edge Grinding Wheel Siliconwaferchamfering

Edge Wheel for Silicon Wafer Grinding

The unrounded silicon wafer is mounted onto a grinding chuck and a profile rounding wheel rounds the edge of the wafer. Metal bond wheels and resin bond wheels are used in edge grinding on the outer circumference of sillicon wafers, which requires uniform sharpness in addition to precision accuracy in the shape of the wheel and abrasion resistance.



Both outer-circumference machining and notch machining wheels are available in three types: single-groove, multi-groove, and composite rough finishing


Application of edge grinding wheel
Edge grinding wheel, chamfering wheels for sapphire substrate, silicon carbide substrate and silicon wafer, liquid crystal panel, ITO glass, PDP glass, quartz glass, microcrystalline glass, photovoltaic glass, automotive glass.  A small diamterer wheel for notch grinding.



Features of edge diamond wheel for silicon and sapphire wafer
- Grinded with uniform chamfer width, excellent rigidity
- Strong groove shape retention, long life
- By edge grinding the final diameter is adjusted
- A uniform diamond layer minimizes machining damage
- Highly precise slotted shape support various wafer shapes


The specification of edge grinding wheels
D (mm) T Grit bonded Groove
50 - 250 3 - 20 325 - 3000# Metal / resin 1-10G
Other size can be designed according to customers' requirement


TAG:   Edge Grinding Wheel Siliconwaferchamfering

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